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What is custom software development?

We found something that might be useful to add to the app, and they responded and acted quickly. Sometimes we refer to other frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, React, Bootstrap. We also use languages for native iOS and Android development, but it’s no an often case. Please be informed that when you click the Send button Sumatosoft will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy notice for the purpose of providing you with appropriate information. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Modern software has changed lots of businesses around the world, and the process keeps going. Don’t miss a chance to bring your logistics company on the edge of technological progress and beat your competitors. SolveQ is an agile software house specialized in logistics and transportation. Create logistics software to plan the movement of products, choose shipping methods, optimize truck loading, and pick optimal routes and vehicles. The logistics industry is the backbone of international trade and is poised to grow by over $95 billion from now until 2024. Get in on the action and boost your business with custom-tailored logistics software.

custom logistics software development

We deliver software for constantly monitoring both positioning and storage conditions. Increase transparency by tracking freight information and sharing it with your customers. The IT Craft team delivers a standalone freight-tracking solution-or integrates it as a unique module into your system.

The way we develop logistics software

At OSP, our developers can leverage effective tools for quality analysis of products, and oversee product development alongside tailoring relationship management solutions. Our project-based model and software development specialists are there for customer collaboration and specific client project engagement. Our blockchain developers are hands-on the cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients.

  • It starts with a discovery phase, and goes on with design, development, testing, and deployment.
  • You will also be able to almost effortlessly validate orders, shipments, and returns.
  • Our developers carefully test the product to ensure client satisfaction and excellent user experience.
  • Our credible QA team understands the potential industry challenges in implementing tech solutions.
  • It can enhance development productivity through software component reuse and improve interoperability by avoiding proprietary architectures.

The testing strategy is developed and formalized at the beginning of the project. Transport and logistics organizations are exploring new ways to compete. Mobile technologies used for engaging with customers, cybersecurity tools to protect systems, and data analytics are three of the most important areas of investment. Logistics Strong logistics expertise, high-quality software solutions, and end-to-end development.

Logistics Mobile Apps: 8 Key Features to Keep Costs Down

With logistics app development at Inoxoft, you’ll receive an application that fully meets your business needs and facilitates business growth. Get professional tech advice on how to build the right strategy for innovative transportation software development, what features and technologies to implement, and how to achieve the highest accuracy of inventory operations. Constantly keep them in mind during transportation software development. If there are recurring requests or issues, include solutions for them on your list of requirements. Freight transportationTransporting products and/or components to their destination point consumes two-thirds of total logistics costs.

custom logistics software development

Development of a GPS fleet tracking solution that uses the Internet of Things data to provide visibility into what’s happening on the road in real time and allow interventions even if the truck is thousands of miles away. Optimizing the system’s code and improving its integration capabilities so it can display up to 1000 trucks on a map simultaneously and visualize their movements in real time. The list of our clients includes global transportation and logistics operators. That’s why we know how to build robust and scalable software any business can benefit from. Whether you need a bespoke solution from scratch or a legacy system modernization, our team will make it a reality. With numerous successful logistics and transportation software projects on track, Acropolium is a reliable vendor with an impeccable reputation.

Benefits of custom software development for logistics

In order to allocate a sufficient amount of time for initial team alignment and knowledge transfer, the Intellias team will adjust their work schedule to achieve a better time overlap. We will communicate using the tools you prefer for staying in touch with your professional transportation software development company. At Intellias, we work with transportation management application development projects of any size, scale, and complexity. We pick the cooperation model that’s most suitable depending on a client’s previous experience and needs as well as the project’s goals. It could be dedicated development team, managed delivery, or product development model. We build and integrate supply chain management software , last mile delivery solutions, warehouse management systems, transportation and fleet management solutions.

custom logistics software development

We leverage the latest technologies like artificial intelligence , machine learning , robotic process automation , internet of things to build or upgrade transportation management platforms. Our team is prepared to help you meet the most pressing challenges of the logistics industry. As an Agile team of Logistics software development experts, we help logistics and transportation companies resolve their challenges with our industry-specific expertise and flexibility. These logistics and transportation software solutions can be customized to any business need and objectives.

Development teams

We have developed mobile application for our startup client to track truckers driving hours to prevent violations of work and rest regulations. We keep the focus on niche industry expertise we can share with you to help you thrive within fierce competition. We establish Centers of Excellence, actively leverage ecosystem provider partnerships, cultivate industry best practices with project managers and engineers, and maintain a strong project and program management framework. How Blockchain is Redefining Supply Chain Management Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that transforms the economy and business processes within industries and logist…

custom logistics software development

We also can examine the code, develop new models, or integrate the existing solution with other software. Use the power of artificial intelligence to create applications that predict demand, modify orders, and re-route in-transit goods to warehouses where needed. With AI-powered applications, warehousing, predictive analytics, smart reporting and intelligent forecasting will evolve to the next level. The cost of building a custom application depends on its complexity, target platforms, and technologies used.

Discover our intelligent logistics and supply chain software solutions that

We design software based on the end-user experience and with a view to its value for the Client’s business. Thanks to SumatoSoft can-do attitude, amazing work ethic and willingness to tackle client’s problems as their own, they’ve become an integral part of our team. We’ve been truly impressed with their professionalism and performance and continue to work with a team on developing new applications. When looking for a strategic IT-partner for the development of a corporate ERP solution, we chose SumatoSoft.

Automation can support everything from software installation to critical updates. See how to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications using a SaaS solution on IBM Cloud. Find out how our logistics software experts delivered a powerful CRM for Next Day Dumpsters to not only use but also resell through the SaaS business model.

We rely on both external recruitment channels and internal specialists to fulfill your project capacity needs. Our team works with you on creating a plan for staffing transportation software developers and defining strategies to start and scale the project team. If you plan to grow and expand, you need custom logistics software development. This built-from-scratch, Web-based logistics management software connects shippers and transportation companies. Reduce expenses, provide 24/7 customer service, collect statistical data, and automate tasks with intelligent chatbot solutions. Our team can implement this tech to help you with staff and inventory management as well.

Our clients’ apps

After applications are deployed, they need to be maintained and managed to be effective. One option to consider is outsourcing these tasks through an application services provider. Application services can include development but also provide support for enterprise logistics software development applications like SAP, quality and testing services, and application lifecycle management. Analytics technologies are helping software applications, and their users, make sense of a deluge of data through dashboards, visualizations and predictive capabilities.

Forrester Report on IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business

See moreSupply Chain Software DevelopmentAs one of the industry’s top-ranked custom software development vendors, Andersen delivers outstanding solutions across a range of sectors. As one of the industry’s top-ranked custom software development vendors, Andersen delivers outstanding solutions across a range of sectors. Benefit from the latest inventory management trends and custom-built industry-specific software to better align inventory levels with the production demand, as well as optimize flows, cut costs, and reduce in-house and external risks.

Next is Development, where we’ll use the ideal tech stack to create your end-to-end solution – carrying out continuous testing the whole while. Our core interest is growing the technological capabilities and expertise of both our clients and our engineers. We believe the main driver of success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust and as a result of full transparency. By sharing our clients’ goals and exceeding their expectations, we become a long-term partner to our clients. Challenge established routines in your everyday operations by implementing cutting-edge technologies that can eliminate bottlenecks and streamline business innovation.

The platform will enable shippers, drivers, carriers and brokers to have accurate visibility. The platform uses predictive analytics based on various internal and external factors and determines more real-time ETA. A combination of web portals, administrator management systems, driver apps and 3rd party data makes iTrackFreight System flexible for use.

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