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What is a Data Sharing Tool?

A data sharing tool is software that lets users share the exact same data across several applications. This tool can be used by your business to improve decision-making and increase productivity. It can be used to promote innovation and break down silos between departments.

Data-sharing software usually provides the same source of truth for data gathered from various sources, such as enterprise systems as well as IoT devices with signals as diverse as web-based visitor behavior or power plant sensors. Data sharing tools let you safely, logically, and effectively share real-time data with business partners and internal units to decrease costs and enhance customer experience.

The biggest issue in data sharing has been shifting increasing data volumes. Transferring data from one blackbox to the next is resource-intensive for internal data sharing. Data management and maintaining quality of data are a major issue.

The best data sharing software should allow you to move data between locations in a flexible, efficient way without the need to perform ETL operations. It should also support a variety of formats for exporting data and provide a wide array of metadata that lets you easily understand the meaning and context of each dataset. It should also utilize an encrypted, secure protocol to transmit data and use persistent identifiers to allow you to quickly locate and retrieve data over time. Furthermore, it should allow you to keep track of the data is connected to on a go-forward basis and let you manage permissions as required.

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