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The Role of Nonprofit Board Members

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Nonprofit board members play a vital role in the growth and success of your organisation. They provide oversight, assist to establish strategy and direction, and ensure that resources are available. They are accountable for ensuring that the organization is run ethically and legally and abides by its missions.

Your board of directors for your nonprofit should consist of people who are passionate about the cause, have the right connections, and possess the required skills. It is usually easier to find board members within your personal network. However, if don’t have the expertise on your staff, search for candidates on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and volunteer recruitment websites.

The main responsibilities of your nonprofit board include governance, policy, fundraising, and supervision of the Executive Director/CEO. Depending on the size of your organization there could be committees on your board that are responsible for specific tasks or projects. For example the finance committee might concentrate on budgets while your legal committee will be responsible for insurance policies.

It is important to remember that your board has the primary obligation to raise funds to ensure that the programs and services provided continue to be offered. To fulfill this duty the board must be able see the big picture. They should also be able take strategic decisions on how to proceed. A large network can assist your board in achieving this.

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