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The Best Mac Tools Calendar Apps

The process of organizing your schedule should be easy–and fast. The top mac tools have a clean, functional design and are able to sync seamlessly between your Mac and iPhone and iPad. They have separate work and home calendars and allow you to only view the events that are important to you. You can also modify your agenda view and add features such as natural-language processing, as well as drag-and-drop allocation for meetings.

Apple’s Calendar is one of the most well-known mac tools, is available for free and comes with every Mac. Its simplicity makes it a good option for anyone who wants the basics, but it’s also integrated with iMessage, Mail, and Siri so your appointments show up in those apps. It comes with a variety perspectives including monthly and weekly with an agenda view, as well as a year-in-review. Addresses show up in Apple Maps, and you are notified of travel times prior to your appointment. It doesn’t include a to-do list, but you can opt in to get your tasks retrieved from Reminders or Todoist and display them along with your scheduled appointments.

BusyCal is another alternative. It’s similar to Apple’s Calendar but has a few key differences. It has five views (daily view and week view, month view year view, and list) as well as natural language processing, real-time animated feedback and the ability to drag meetings times. It also displays to-do lists and integrates with applications such as Trello and Todoist to help you organize tasks. It doesn’t sync with multiple accounts like some of the other options listed here, but it does support iCloud and Exchange.

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