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Sobriety Tattoos Alcohol Recovery Stories Getting Sober

As a result, calf tattoos are ideal for guys getting their first tat. With enough space to allow for almost any design or technique, calf tattoos for men mean you can go large even if you don’t have the highest pain threshold. The shoulder is a great spot since, from here, it’s possible to expand designs onto the chest, upper arm, or even back. When you are sobriety tattoos talking about shoulder tattoos for men, there’s something else to consider. Shoulders are less susceptible to stretching and sun exposure, so tats here tend to be longer-lasting, even if you don’t keep up with your shoulder exercises. If you spend a lot of your free time in the gym, why not show off your hard work by placing your tattoo on your bicep?

Enzo is a sacred Zen Buddhism symbol that means circle of togetherness. Ideal placements for this rounded design are the shoulder or chest. The circle may be one of the more simple tattoos for men, but it has deep meaning for its wearers. When thinking of a mom tattoo, the image that probably comes to mind is an American-traditional design with a bold red heart and white “mom” banner.

The Phoenix as a Potent Symbol of Rebirth

Full moon, crescent moon, total eclipse; the moon’s phases control the Earth’s tides. Spiritually, the moon symbolizes eternity, immortality, and enlightenment. It’s no wonder it also has links to mythological creatures such as werewolves and witches. Moon tattoos for men can vary from realistic illustrations to mystical artworks.

Not everyone understands that being in recovery and being an active drug user are two different things. So, to many close minded people, I was seen as a criminal, a liar, an unemployable junkie, and a disappointment to the family. Hell, I’ve had to go through getting it covered up, which wasn’t easy for the artist. Many people will rock a sobriety tattoo that incorporates the AA symbol or NA symbol, a cross, or praying hands with a rosary among other symbols.

Laatste: Bullet Sobriety Date Ketting

Recovery can be a time of turmoil, grief, and even despair. These words remind the wearer of the ultimate goal of peace and a more stable life without alcohol. Often people get inspired by other people’s recovery journeys by reading about them in books or watching them in films.

What symbolizes overcoming struggle?

The lotus symbolizes growing and overcoming obstacles, hardship, and whatever life throws at you.

The equilateral triangle with or without a circle around is from Alcoholics Anonymous . Sunny started exposing her paintings around the same time as she started tattooing. She has appeared in several art books like Vicious, Delicious, Abitious about female artists in the lowbrow scene, also in Beatsville put out by Gallery Outré.

Best Friends Tattoo

Although Celtic warriors wore blue-colored tattoos to intimidate their enemies, popular tattoos for men today are often black with gray shadows. The Taurus constellation represents the story of the Greek god Zeus and Princess Europa. The myth tells how Zeus transformed himself into a bull to win Europa’s affections and carried her across the sea to Crete. Taurus tattoos are an ideal tattoo for men born under this star sign.

  • Either way, quote tattoos are a thought-provoking way to showcase your personality, whether it’s a fashion quote, a Harvey Specter quote, or simply words to live by.
  • As body art becomes more mainstream, men with tattoos are now perceived as being more masculine and more attractive than those who are ink-free.
  • I have an odd combination of alcohol abuse, sobriety, family, health, and now overlapping with diagnosed vaccine heart damage leading to a massive life change.

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