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How to Write a Board Report Before Your Next Board Meeting

You realize that you haven’t completed your board report the day prior to the meeting. You’ve got three pages of all your findings since the last meeting, and you’re in need of input from staff members to wrap it up before the meeting. You’re concerned that if the board sees that you haven’t finished the work yet, they won’t give it the attention it deserves at the meeting.

The purpose of writing a board report is to help your board members make informed choices about your company or business. To accomplish this, they need the correct information available at the right moment and you must anticipate their concerns. You need to have the information you require ready, whether they ask about the past performance or future prospects.

Include the key metrics you’ve set with your board. These metrics can be financial or not, such as new registrations for users, hiring rates, details about the product, or patent applications. You must also provide context and background to these numbers. Utilizing charts or graphs can help your audience make sense of the numbers quickly. It’s also important that you present both sides of your story when it comes to the success of your company or risk. A single-minded approach can distort the board’s decision-making processes and cause them to make bad decisions that could negatively impact your business over the long term.

Finally, proofread your report thoroughly. A typo or any other error could upset your board members. Ideally, you should have someone else read your report for you and/or use grammar software to catch any errors before sending the report out.

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