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How to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is a free app for Windows devices that provides users an efficient, secure and user-friendly internet browsing experience. It also helps keep your personal data private by limiting how much data is stored on your device. This application allows you to sync your bookmarks and browsing history between mobile and desktop devices. Its features include antitracking extension guard, adblocking, privacy cleanser and bank mode. It makes use of HTTPS protocol to ensure that your information is secured and encrypted.

In a couple of easy steps, you can delete Avast Safe Browser from your computer. First, go to the Apps and Features menu in the Windows Settings app. Select the browser and click Uninstall. You might be asked to confirm your uninstallation or provide the reason behind the uninstallation.

The second method for uninstalling Avast Secure Browser is to make use of the CCleaner software application. This program scans for old files on your PC and eliminate them. It will also perform a standard uninstall and eliminate any remaining files, like registry entries, from the system. The program will inform you when the process is completed that the program was removed and will prompt you to run an assessment.

If you don’t want run a program, you can delete the browser using Finder. The application is located in the Applications folder. Launch Finder and select Avast Secure Browser from the list. Then, right click the application and select Move to Trash.

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