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How to Run an Effective Board Meeting

A successful board meeting is vital to the success of any business. Regular check-ins and efficient board meetings can help you create a culture in which everyone is accountable and focused in achieving the goals. Board meetings are an excellent place to have healthy discussions and debates. If they aren’t run properly, board meetings can become boring and exhausting for everyone. The right methods can make these sessions efficient, productive and even enjoyable for your team.

Begin with a summary of your Agenda

A brief introduction can assist your board members in staying focused and on the right track throughout the meeting. This ensures that new members understand what will be discussed and lets you quickly pinpoint areas that might need clarification.

Prioritize a Few Key Topics

The ideal agenda will only consist of two main topics at a time, so that your board has 30 minutes to discuss each. This will prevent the board from getting bogged-down in details, and will allow for an efficient and productive meeting.

Clearly Defining Goals

The meeting should spend a large portion of its time discussing strategies and developing an action plan to move forward. The board can then review its own progress, and determine the best way to achieve its objectives. Based on the type of business, this could include a look back at key milestones and significant achievements and also any challenges or roadblocks in the way.

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