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How to Improve Your Board Members Communications

As as a leader, it’s crucial to know how to communicate with your board members. A good communication strategy keeps boards productive and ensures important information doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Communication with the right people, at exactly the appropriate time is equally important. In addition to being aware of your own communication style, you must be aware of the styles of other board members, too. Often, the issue occurs when one person sends a message to the wrong board member. A nonexecutive director for example, recently shared information with his fellow directors regarding a problem involving an employee. He questioned them about their understanding of the issue by speaking to each of them individually prior to making the topic the subject of the meeting. But, each director was given different versions of events, which led to conflict and confusion.

To enhance communication between board members, you can use a variety of strategies. Technology can be utilized to enhance communication between board members. You can boost effectiveness and reduce the frequency of communication breakdowns through a portal for board members that has task tracking capabilities. The right tech can also assist your board members to work in tandem between meetings, making it easier to collaborate and share data in a secure and private environment. Having access to the platform on any device is beneficial since it gives board members more freedom in how they participate. Another way to enhance communication between board members is to promote social interaction between members through group and private messaging features. This can allow for more natural conversations and a deeper level of trust between members, helping foster better communication throughout the year.

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