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Find specific products for children or parents with disabilities Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Find specific products for children or parents with disabilities Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Features pictures on puzzle pieces that show an attribute of each state. The pieces are outlined on the board underlying individual puzzle pieces. Smaller east coast states are grouped together and voiced sequentially. Time4LearningTime4Learning is an educational computer program designed to be used by children who have learning disabilities or have autism spectrum disorder.

  • It can be used for students with autism, or other cognitive and learning disabilities to help keep them engaged and learning.
  • Each has her own personality, interests and talents ($19.99).
  • The size of these dolls is just about perfect for little kids to carry around, and the feet and legs are pretty easy to stuff into a pocket for easy transport.

The children will hear a realistic “crunch” as they cut. The set includes 1 cutting board, 1 knife, and 8 food item with over 30 pieces. A Touch Of MusicA Touch of Music is an auditory training activity designed for use with individuals with cognitive, sensory, and neurological disabilities. This portable board also encourages gross motor movement. The wooden board features a built-in carrying handle and a stand. Mounted to the board are cymbals, a drum, a bugle horn, a call bell, and an eight-note xylophone.

Fine Motor Skills

The team designed a leg anchor to hold the hand control and adapted the control so the individual can reach all functionality with one hand. A sensory tool for home, classrooms, traveling, out in the community. Feature an adjustable, padded headband and liquid-foam ear cushions. Gel Foam Picture FrameGel Foam Picture Frame is designed for use by older individuals and individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, or stroke. The picture frame is a heat sealed vinyl frame with a gel pocket in the front and a back pocket that allows one to insert any graphic that challenges or attracts the interest of the user. The product can be used as a learning tool or as a place to house familiar pictures. Ez Magnibar Reading Bar Magnifier With Red Tracker Line — 9 InchesThe EZ Magnibar with Red Tracker Line is designed to be used as a magnifier, a placeholder, or a paper weight.

Meccano-Erector – Micronoid Code A.C.E. Programmable Robot Building Kit

Hand knit cotton baby rattles by Peruvian artisans are available from Kinderware, New York, in baseball, football, basketball, cupcake and Dalmatian styles. Kinderware’s line of yoyo dolls, updates of the folk art tradition, add a kitten doll .

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