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Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

As shoppers on the internet are overwhelmed with options, it becomes increasingly important to make shopping as easy and smooth as is possible. Customers who have a difficult and confusing shopping experience may abandon their carts and write negative reviews which will convince others who might be interested to stay away from the store.

These design mistakes can have serious consequences on your sales. The majority of these errors are easily avoided with just the right amount of planning.

Low-Quality Images

No one wants products that aren’t displayed in the best light. This is why it’s essential to have high-quality images used on your online store. Poor quality images will not only deter customers, but it can also harm the reputation of your brand.

Not Offering a Guest Check-out Option

Another common mistake is not providing the option of a guest checkout. This could discourage potential customers from making purchases on your site. Many customers are hesitant to sign up on any new website, especially in cases where they have to fill in personal details such as their email address. It is best to let visitors sign up using their social media accounts to streamline the process. This will lessen the privacy concerns of visitors.

Finally, another big ecommerce design error is having a messy and unorganized menu structure. It is crucial to figure out the way each page will appear on your site to ensure that navigation is clear and simple. Make sure that each page is organised according to the nature of the content and make it easy for visitors to locate the products they are seeking.

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