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Choosing Executive Meeting Software

The most effective executive meeting software can provide the tools your team needs to hold effective meetings remotely. Collaboration across companies must be managed across boundaries as remote work is becoming more popular. Enterprise level buyers are looking for tools that facilitate audio and video conferences, allow collaboration on cloud-based documents and also support multiple devices. integrate with CRM and sales tools and enable real-time translations for various audience.

With teams of executives, meetings are a great opportunity to discuss obstacles and challenges that the company may face. This is an opportunity to build trust and in synergy between leaders. Executive meetings should be an open and honest environment where leaders can talk about problems or obstacles that need to be addressed before making decisions that will affect the entire business.

ezTalks Meeting is an online meeting tool with advanced features, including multitrack recording, rich editing, and live streaming. It also has whiteboards for brainstorming sessions. It also comes with a separate notepad for taking notes during the meeting which can be later converted into tasks. It also allows the use of slash commands that lets users customize their experience using ClickUp.

Another feature of the software is a parking lot that allows teams to quickly note down a problem without having the meeting used as an open forum for discussion. This can be used to add an item to the agenda for the next meeting or the task could be passed to the external project management (PM) system to ensure that it’s addressed. It comes with a variety of meeting templates that you can choose from and is able to be integrated into various PM systems.

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