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Choosing a VDR System

The VDR system is a maritime black box that contains vital information about the safety of ships and crews. The device is used to monitor the performance of the ship, track incidents and accidents, and educate personnel. VDRs also enable fleet managers to study patterns in the performance of a vessel or across a fleet to pinpoint areas of improvement. Airlines have been using Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) for many years, and their analysis has reduced the number of accidents that occur in the aviation sector.

The basic design of a ship’s VDR system is typically two-parts: an instrument for data acquisition which collects data from bridge equipment and sensors and an external storage medium, that can be fixed or float-free. Consilium is a company that makes a Type Approved Simplified VDR (S-VDR) it claims its devices are made with minimal moving parts and are able to be fitted to a wide range of vessel sizes with minimal disruption. The S-VDR has a fixed memory capsule that keeps track of the 12 hours required by law. It can be supplemented with a removable storage option that provides up to 96 additional hours of data.

When choosing a vdr, look for one that allows for multiple devices such as tablets and mobile phones. It should offer users with a consistent experience that is user-friendly across all devices. A reputable service should provide 24/7/365 access to training resources and support. Find a security feature that has advanced encryption and virus scanning. You should be able to check whether the company meets third-party standards to ensure the security of uploaded files.

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