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Bullguard Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Bullguard is a robust security suite that covers all the bases. It’s not as feature-rich as other products but it’s a great option for users looking to get a little bit more out of their antivirus software. It’s also extremely efficient and avoids heavy load on the system while providing various options to reduce it whenever needed.

The program opens to a modular hub application that features a tiled layout for its various modules, including firewall, antivirus as well as PC tune up game booster and home network scanner. The “Vulnerabilities’ section will alert you to issues like missing Windows updates autostart service, as well as open ports. The “Game Booster”, a feature that optimizes your system on a regular basis when you play, is helpful for gamers.

In our tests, the bullguard was pretty effective at preventing malware infections, and was relatively lightweight in terms of system resources when compared to other products in terms of CPU use. We did notice, however, that the background antivirus processes utilized a lot of RAM, particularly on machines with limited memory. Additionally, the components of the hub app appeared at a low resolution and appeared pixelated.

Bullguard comes with a mobile security feature with its Premium Protection subscription which gives you antitheft, parental control and basic backup capabilities for your smartphone or tablet. The app is a bit basic and does not have many essential features, like webcam security or shredders of files. Likewise, phone support is only offered via live chat or email.

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