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Best Antivirus Rescue Disks

Many of the best antivirus providers provide a free bootable recovery disk that can be used to clean your computer after it has been infected. These are essentially Linux-based software designed to disinfect an infected PC that won’t start up or cannot be checked by a regular antivirus software program running on Windows. I would recommend the Kaspersky disc for its ease of use (though it may not work on some Dell systems).

Alternately, you can avail the same features from the Avira and ESET rescue disks which also come with a graphical user interface however, they require a CD or USB device to boot. Both of these options can detect and identify malware on your computer, although their virus definitions don’t get updated as regularly as the Linux-based rescue disks.

The Trend Micro Rescue Disk is another excellent choice. It’s also among the slimmest disks on this list, at around 70MB. It does not come with an interface that is graphic, but it’s quick and has some options for customization. This includes the ability to mount specific files, drive volumes, or even specific folders.

In the end, you can download an effective virus scan using the Comodo rescue disk even though it’s not as flexibility of the Linux-based options above. It’s a powerful tool for detecting and eliminating the types of viruses that can hide in Windows files, which prevents detection by the standard antivirus software. You can choose between an all-text or full-graphic interface, and also the option of running a custom or smart scan.

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